Language name: LITHUANIAN
UPSID number: 2007
Alternate name(s):
Classification: Indo-European, Baltic
This language has 52 segments
Its Frequency index is 0.202626642 (average percentage of segments; 0.1: many very rare segments; 0.39: average; 0.7: many common segments)
The language has these sounds: p b "t "d k g "ts "dz v S Z x m r pJ bJ "tJ "dJ kJ gJ tS dZ vJ SJ ZJ mJ lJ rJ i: e: aa: u: o: I U a j "tsJ s sJ z n nJ l a_: au ie aai ai ui uo aa
Comment: Lithuanian is spoken in USSR. E and O occur as short vowels but appear predictable from stress.
Source(s): Ambrazas, V., Vajtkavichjute, V., Valjatskene, A., Morkunas, K., Sabaljauskas, A., and Ul'vidas, K. 1966. Litovskij jazyk. In V.V. Vinogradov (ed.), Jazyki Narodov SSSR, Vol.1. Nauka, Leningrad and Moscow: 500-27.
Augustitis, D. 1964. Das Lithauische Phonationssystem. Sagner, Munich.
Senn, A. 1966. Handbuch der Litauischen Sprache, Band 1: Grammatik. Winter, Heidelberg.

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