Reelex (Reetz - Celex interface) note on "Minimal pairs".

The search for 'minimal pairs' can be done one basis of the orthographic or the DISC representation (the latter with/out syllable breaks and stress marks). The term 'minimal pairs' is somewhat misleading since the algorithm compares simply the two given strings, independent how long they are. I.e., it is possible to search for words not only differing in 't' and 'd', but also for those differing in 't' and 'th', or 'aun' and 'ink').
The search strings are actualy 'regular expressions' as used in the pattern search algorithm.
The search for orthographic differences is always done internally with lowercase letters.
The output is always sorted alphabetically on basis of the orthographic representation even if other criteria are selected in the 'sort by' field in the Reelex interface.