Reelex (Reetz - Celex interface) note on "Morpheme status".

The morpheme status is a re-coding of the column 3 of the morphological Celex Lemma databases (Reelex copies the information from the Lemma databases into the Word databases, which do not carry information in the Celex databases). Celex knows the states

"Monomorphemic, Complex, Zero derivation, contacted Form, Irrelevant, Lexicalised inflection, Obscure, may include Root, Undetermined"

but only the first three are coded in this Reelex interface since the other states are mostly 'I'rrelevant or 'U'ndetermined.

Note that the definitions for these states in Celex are somewhat unusual; e.g. the German word 'Reinemachefrau' cleaning woman is classified as a monomorphemic word since it is a semantic entity (although many would dissemble it as 'rein + e + mach + e + frau') whereas the noun 'Schutz' protection is complex since it is derived from the verb 'schuetzen'.