Reelex Vers. 0.4.5

This is a simple interface to search in the Celex database for words fitting several criteria or for minimal pairs.

The pattern search has been substantially extended for IPA and orthography. Please read the documentation.
Orthography: \C consonant, \G double-consonant, \V single vowel, \F single or double vowel, \X any letter, \Y one or more letters, \Z none or more letters
IPA: \C consonant, \V short vowel, \V\V long vowel/diphthong, \F short/long vowel / diphthong, \X any sound, \Y one or more sounds, \Z none or more sounds

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Type is
Nr. of syllables ?
Stressed syllable
Morpheme status ?
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pattern ?  ?

Optional: Select only minimal pairs which differ in between and at position. ?

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Output as a ? table with:
Word IPA Id Frequency Nr. of syllables Pos. of stressed syll. Morph.status Word class ?